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Book Review: What’s Left of Us by Michele Tucker

What’s Left of Us is a new adult novel filled with a good mixture of suspense and sweet romance. I like the way the story is told from the alternating perspectives of Calla, Beck and Asher (who have been neighbors and the best of friends since grade school) and the way it weaves from past to present.

Early on, readers learn that something has happened to tear the trio apart but must read about 80 percent of the book before finding out exactly what. Tucker did an amazing job of building suspense, touching on seemingly smaller issues up until the big reveal. I kept trying to guess what could have happened to dissolve such a tight-knit group and felt frustrated at times because I wondered if the explanation would be worth the wait.

It was definitely worth the wait. Even though the big reveal tore my heart out, it explained everything. I understood all of Calla’s anxieties, and I understood why her loved ones kept telling her that she needed to move on.

Favorite Quote:

“…God always has a plan. Sometimes, we throw him a curveball or two, but in the end, He is the best catcher to have on your team.”

If you enjoy clean new adult novels written with a lot of heart, you’ll likely enjoy What’s Left of Us.



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