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Book Review: In Between by Jenny B. Jones

I immediately fell in love with Katie Parker, a sixteen year old who has traveled from foster home to foster home, finally ending up with Millie and Joseph (a pastor) in the small town of In Between. Her insecurities about not really having anyone and fears about being shipped off to the next foster home are conveyed loud and clear through her sarcastic inner dialogue, which is very funny but overdone at times. About halfway through the book this sarcasm dies down a bit and is replaced with hope and introspection about her self-worth and the existence of God. I’m not so sure how realistic Katie’s drastic self-discovery is, but that’s okay because I was rooting for her from the beginning, and I love the positivity of this book.

In Between is full of unique, well-developed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed outrageous Grandma Maxine, and the drill-instructor-like gym teacher provided several chuckle-worthy moments. Frances, a classmate Katie can’t stand at first, is another memorable character who helps Katie learn to value herself and trust others.



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