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Poor Cat

Few things anger me and break my heart more than acts of animal cruelty.

Here’s the situation:

“A sick video has emerged online of the moment two cat owners put their pet in a washing machine because she didn’t use the litter box. The shocking clip shows the couple putting the helpless animal into the washing machine before unbelievably switching it on. The two are heard laughing off camera as the cat is spinning in the washing machine. The cat’s loud cries are ignored by the two. Eventually they decide to turn off the machine and open the door permitting the cat to run to safety. The ordeal happened in Magnitogorsk, Russia. Please sign and share this petition and persuade the authorities to find and prosecute the two for mistreating and abusing this innocent cat! They must be punished for their acts of cruelty and the cat needs to be rescued from their hands before it’s too late!” (

Please click HERE to sign the petition. Thank you!

You can view the video on the petition page if you wish to do so. I was unable to watch–too gut-wrenching for me.

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