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Book Review: Finding Flynn by Alexandria Bishop

Finding Flynn is a great debut novel told from the rotating perspectives of Ashtyn (an 18-year-old, soon-to-be high school senior) and Flynn, frontman in an up-and-coming band. Even though their feelings for each other deepen quickly, giving off an insta-love vibe, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the development of their relationship. Bishop did a nice job of including key elements of young love including an instant attraction, ups and downs, and insecure yet hopeful inner dialogue.

In addition to the romance aspect of this book, there’s a subplot that focuses on Flynn’s band Marlowe, which I look forward to reading more about in the sequel. Secondary characters are woven seamlessly into the story and everyone serves a purpose. While there are a few racy scenes, the sweetness factor of Ashtyn and Flynn’s relationship outshines them all. I’m rooting for this couple to make it and look forward to seeing what’s in store for them.

Rating: 4 STARS


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