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Cover Reveal: Forget Cinderella by Tracey Champion

Cover Reveal
Forget Cinderella
By Tracey Champion
Nov 23rd
Title: Forget Cinderella
By: Tracey Champion
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2015


~~ Synopsis for Forget
Cinderella (True Loves Fairytale 1)
Cara Mia
It all begins with my story.
I was Momma’s beautiful, happy,
hippie princess. Then I was lost, sad and closed off. I wanted the fairy tale,
I wanted to be Cinderella.
When I was preparing to start life on
my own my story took on twists and turns I never expected. I decided to take some
time to turn my story around. I wanted a happily ever after that was almost
impossible until I met Amber, my friend, and she made me realize my story
wasn’t where it was meant to be.
Then Jordan came along, my prince,
and now my story is out of my hands. I’ve found what I was missing and I didn’t
even know it, but it may all be taken away from me. I may even be taken away
from this wonderful life I’ve built and the people I’ve surrounded myself with.
My beautiful life could be gone and my fairytale forgotten. I don’t even have a
glass slipper to help me.
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“Cara Mia!” I startled when I heard
Jordan. Why was he not talking to Hanna?
I hadn’t been expecting him to walk
away from the conversation with Hanna. I understood what had to be done. This
was to finalize their relationship or whatever, maybe. I wasn’t expecting him
to be paying attention to my conversation with his sister. I shouldn’t be a
distraction to him, I’m not that important.
I had sworn Amber wouldn’t know I was
upset. I was afraid if I said my true feelings they would mess everything up.
However, I said “he’s not mine.” The truth was, I was infatuated with
everything about Jordan.
When he pulled me away from the group
to talk, not only was I trying to hide my tears, I was trying to hide my
feelings. He makes every nerve in my body go on the fritz when he’s around and
the time apart was hurting me.
“What did you say to my sister
that upset you?” Jordan’s voice was calm as he stared at me. I was looking
at my feet knowing if I looked up a bad case of tears and word vomit would
happen. Embarrassing myself was not in the cards today. How could he know I
said something that upset me? He shouldn’t have been paying attention to me?
But since he had he gave me no real choice, but to say something to him.
“We were talking about how I had
let you go talk to Hannah. I know the talk is needed and I don’t want to be in
the way…” I was now fidgeting with my fingers, trying to calm myself. I
knew better than to mess with my fingers. I knew I kind of told him a lie, but
that doesn’t work so easily with Jordan around.
I was missing him and hating myself
for our time apart. What made this worse was I could smell his soap from
earlier and that male scent that was just Jordan. I could almost feel the heat from
his body, he was so close to mine that it was intoxicating to my system.
“You’re lying to me,”
Jordan said as he took my chin and forced me to look up at him. “What was
the last thing you said to my sister?”
I could not help the tear that
slipped from my eye, or the hiccup when I spoke. “I….I told Amber that
you’re not mine.”
“Is that why you’re upset? Cara,
then make me yours. I know I already am, but if you feel you need to make me
yours, do it. I don’t care how you do it, either. I have been yours from the
first day we met. All I’m doing is talking to Hannah, you have me, not her.
Stop this silliness about a damn girl code.” He smiled and gave me a
sweet, little kiss as he wiped away the tears.
I knew he wasn’t going to tell me
something that wasn’t true. I put myself into this situation. We finished up
and walked back towards the group. Jordan held my hand in his with our fingers
laced together.
I was still trying to figure out what
he said “make me yours.” How do I do that? I was lost in thought, and
he surprised me when he stopped suddenly.
“Oh fuck this.” Jordan
turned and tugged me closer before his big, muscular body and bent down.
“Better hold on, Cara Mia.” I was in complete shock. He used my full
first name in front of everyone. Before I could register everything he was
picking me up. He had my legs wrapped around him in front of all our friends. I
had no time to be embarrassed.
“You want to make me yours, Cara
Mia? Kiss me,” he said in a commanding whisper that sent an electric shock
to my system. My eyes had to be wide and my heart was about to just jump
straight out of my chest. Kiss him, in front of everyone. Oh dear lord!
“Cara Mia stop thinking and kiss
me!” I obliged because how could I say no to him? I brought my hands up to
cup his face. Then lightly brushed my nose against his and placed a sweet
simple kiss against Jordan’s lips. I was lucky with all the shaking he didn’t
drop me.
“Cara Mia…my beloved…I asked
you to kiss me, try one more time.” Jordan was smiling, and I could hear
the hint of laughter in his voice. He knew I was nervous, who wouldn’t be in
this position with everyone watching.
I again went in for a little kiss,
but this time he lightly tapped me on the ass making me gasp. That was enough
for me to open my mouth and for him to deepen the kiss. We held that position
for what seemed like a long time. His scent taking any thoughts from my mind,
while my legs wrapped tighter around his back, his tongue dancing with mine.
All I could do was enjoy it.
After what seemed like way too long
for a public display of kissing, Jordan carefully let me down. On trembling
legs, I felt like I was about to become a puddle in the sand. Now how was I
going to go back to the girls and explain this? Let alone he still has to
finish his talk with Hannah.
Jordan took me by the hand and pulled
me closer to his body. Close enough that he could whisper in my ear. “Cara
if you have any doubts about me being yours I think that kiss proved enough.
More importantly, I just made you, MINE.” He growled the last word as he
kissed my cheek and walked away with a little laugh.


Tracey Champion was born and raised
in Phoenix, Arizona and now reside in Tennessee with her husband and children.
She is a stay at home mom, home-school teacher and support for her family.
Tracey is a hopeless romantic who’s first love story was Dirty Dancing and
Pretty Woman. She has a love for anything Disney. Tracey began writing in
elementary school and wrote more in high school. Her passion will always be
with in the stories whether she writes them or reads them.






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