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Book Review: How to Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman


Funny how I acquired this book…My husband was shopping at Target one day and thought it would be hilarious to give me a book with such a title. Because clearly, I need tips on how to be a good wife. 😉 Well, it turns out this book couldn’t be further from funny or amusing.

On to my review…

Told from Marta’s POV, the story gets off to a very slow start. I also felt frustrated several chapters in because I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. I didn’t know if Marta was going crazy or if there was some sort of paranormal slant to the story. All of that being said, I am so glad I pushed on because How to Be a Good Wife is a superb psychological thriller that broke my heart in the end.

Chapman skillfully took her time to reveal bits and pieces of Marta’s condition. The suspense was subtle, which made me pay close attention to every little detail as I tried to piece together whether Marta was going crazy or not. At times, I even felt as though Marta and I were in it together trying to figure out what was happening to her.

While the story never moves quickly, I was still intrigued enough to keep reading. If you enjoy books that are littered with suspense throughout and don’t mind tragic endings, then I recommend How to Be a Good Wife.



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