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Book Review: Playing House by Mira Day


Playing House is a fast-paced, contemporary romance with several hot and heavy scenes and a couple of twists.

Hannah is a waitress/bartender with aspirations of being a chef. Caleb is a successful lawyer and regular customer where Hannah works. Sparks fly between them despite the fact that Hannah is in a long-term relationship. By the end of chapter three, I thought I knew what to expect from the rest of the story . . . Likeable young woman in a relationship with douchebaggy guy meets the man of her dreams. Woman doesn’t realize just how douchebaggy the guy is so she wavers between the two men. Eventually, douchebaggy guy shows his true colors, making woman’s decision to end the relationship a no-brainer. She lives happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Was I right? Sort of, but mostly no. There’s a lot more to this story.

Early on, I thought I understood what the title meant. It was simple, straightforward. But then a twist was revealed, and the title meant a bit more. Then after reading a little further, another possible inspiration for the title occurred to me. So one thing I really like about this book is the clever title. I also like the ending, but there are definitely some unanswered questions!

If you like contemporary romance with just a bit of spice and a new adult feel, you might enjoy Playing House.



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