My Eating Disorder caused me to GAIN  18kg and nearly killed me… -The Reality of Normal Weight Eating Disorder Sufferers-

Lauren, you are one brave young lady. Thank you for sharing. XO


My Eating Disorder Caused Me to GAIN 18kg and Nearly Killed Me…
With #edaw in full swing, I’m sure your screens have been bombarded with posts that aim to raise awareness as to the deadly consequences of illnesses such as Anorexia Nervosa.

For the most part these status’ and blog posts are filled to the brim with phrases like “I nearly died”, “I was a walking skeleton” or “I had to be fed through a tube to save my life”…

Between the media, Internet and social platforms, we’ve basically got the whole “Anorexic Olympics” thing covered so let’s cut out the competition and get down to it!


The truth (Yep, the raw and unspoken truth) is that eating disorders actually have NOTHING to do with food! …Yep, you heard me right…

You see all those pictures of pretty, shy, skinny…

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