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Book Review: City Beautiful by CM Foss


City Beautiful offers a captivating mix of romance, humor and drama, and there are even a few moments that had me on the edge of my seat dying to know what was going to happen.

The first third of this book is about how Patrick (a successful young doctor) meets Ivy (a somewhat reclusive farmer/bed and breakfast owner). While Patrick is road tripping from Texas to New York, he finds himself forced to make an unintended pit stop. This is when he meets Ivy and becomes enamored by her and her slow-paced country lifestyle. During this portion of the book, I found myself thinking, “What a nice, sweet romance with a touch of sass.” I thought I knew where things were headed, but then…BOOM. A twist! That’s when my attention was really piqued.

Foss did a great job of giving each character a distinct personality. I really liked Patrick and Ivy individually, but when they were together…I loved them. The other characters were all equally as likable, even Stacy due to her entertainment value.

The writing is smooth, and the dialogue is free-flowing, realistic and often laugh-out-loud funny. The conversations between Patrick and his sister were so funny and spot-on when it comes to the way some siblings communicate. And then there were the conversations between Ivy and her best friend Emily-hilarious! I never once had the urge to skim during any of the dialogue because I didn’t want to miss one witty or sarcastic comment.

The title of this book is one of my favorites as far as meaning is concerned. It warms my heart to think about the significance of it. I look forward to reading more books by CM Foss!





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