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Book Review: An Unforgivable Love Story by B.L. Berry


Compelling. Unique. Suspenseful. Tragic. Infuriating.

An Unforgivable Love Story is all of these things and more. And the title is spot-on. The actions of two of the main characters (one more so than the other) are UNFORGIVABLE! Miraculously, Berry had me sympathizing with one of them. There’s a third key character, too, whose obliviousness broke my heart.

“He will always be my Simon. My unintended. My favorite, most hated mistake.”

The topic of this story–the BIG reveal–is nothing new, but the way Berry tackles it is brilliant. Early on, I thought I knew where things were headed, and I was right. But not entirely. You see, the key to the uniqueness of this novel is a result of the narrative angles Berry chose. I never expected the shift in narration between part one and part two. It blew my mind, and I found myself flipping back and forth to reread coinciding or related events. And then there’s part four. Oh my. It was fascinating (and unsettling at times) to compare the motivations and perceived realities of these three individuals.

I know people who have been in the shoes of all three of these characters, but I’ve never been close to ALL involved parties in a situation like this. And because of that, I’ve been left with only half or a third of the story or perceived truth. This book is a good reminder that sometimes the most deplorable actions can be viewed as unavoidable or even necessary in the eyes of the offender. It’s also a good reminder that people and relationships aren’t always who or what they appear to be.

Anyone who’s familiar with my reading tastes knows how much I enjoy flawed characters and depressing, messed up situations that mirror real life. This book did not disappoint! There was so much honesty and reality within the pages of this book. And the writing? Perfection. B.L. Berry is a must-read author.



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