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Book Review: Swoon by CM Foss

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Swoon is about Steph and Lawrence, a pair who are wildly attracted to one another.

“Swoon. Gulp. Swulp?”

They flirt, they joke around, and they really seem to get each other, so you’ll find yourself rooting for them to be together. But Foss doesn’t make it that easy. Instead she throws in all sorts of issues related to timing, emotional baggage and life in general, making it a realistic account of how it sometimes takes a person a long time to finally end up with that special someone she should have been with all along.

Things I love about this book:

1) There’s zero instalove. Steph’s best friend marries Lawrence’s best friend, so they’ve known each other for a while. They’ve hung out with each other. They like each other. Heck, they’ve even hooked up before. But at no point do things just click, and BOOM, happily ever after. It’s a slow process of increasing attraction and admiration with many ups and downs.

2) There’s a role reversal, which is atypical of most romance novels that include someone who flakes out about commitment. Usually it’s the guy, but in this story, Steph is the one who’s hesitant. I really like this because men are generally stereotyped as being commitment-phobes.

3) The ending made me smile. It was perfect.

“I fell for you years ago, and I’ve never really gotten back up.”

Swoon is the second book I’ve read by CM Foss and it won’t be the last. I love her witty humor and the way she infuses her experiences with horses and farm life into her stories. If you like HEAs and strong, independent heroines you need to check out her books!



3 thoughts on “Book Review: Swoon by CM Foss”

  1. Great review K.J. I generally like authors with a sense of humor, and I like the idea of an affection that evolves over time. What’s HEA stand for?

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