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Book Review: Her Dangerous Visions (The Boy and the Beast #1) by Brandon Barr


I don’t normally read fantasy or sci-fi, but Her Dangerous Visions is a satisfying read that held my attention until the end. I honestly can’t even begin to elaborate on the description because there are so many moving pieces and made-up worlds and words and phrases.

The story is told through various POVs:

Aven – Farmer from Loam, brother of Winter

Winter – The girl with the visions (oracle/seer), sister of Aven

Melucia – Daughter of the ruler (Luminary) of the Blue Mountain Realm, hopes to take over for ailing father as Luminary but has villainous competition

Savarah – “Adopted” sister of Melucia, fierce warrior, wants to help Melucia in her quest to become Luminary (despite her initial plans)

In addition to the aforementioned characters, there are dozens more introduced throughout the story, so many that I sometimes had trouble keeping track of who’s who. I eventually got to know the key players (the four POV characters as well as a few others), but it took quite a lot of concentration and flipping back and forth. Melucia, who slightly reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones series, is by far my favorite.

Even with all of the characters and story lines going on in this book, I must say the concept is extremely creative and unique. That, combined with Barr’s top-knotch writing, kept me turning the pages all the way into book two in the series.




*Thank you to the author for providing me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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