Book Reviews: A to L


Ahlborn, Ania Brother

Ahlborn, Ania – Within These Walls

Albright, Kristin More than a Moment

Albright, Kristin OC Me

Arlidge, M. J. The Doll’s House

Arlidge, M. J. – Eeny Meeny

Arlidge, M. J. – Pop Goes the Weasel

Arthur, Virginia Birdbrain

Atwood, Magaret – The Handmaid’s Tale


Barr, Brandon – Her Dangerous Visions

Barr, Brandon – The Bridge Beyond Her World

Barton, Fiona – The Widow

Berry, B.L. – An Unforgivable Love Story

Berry, B.L. Love Nouveau

Bishop, Alexandria Finding Flynn

Bishop, Alexandria – The 27 Club

Blair, E.K. – Author Anonymous: A True Story

Bond, Casey L. / Bach, Tia Silverthorne / Greene, N. L. / Michaels, Jo / Risser, Kelly – 7

Bowman, Deborah A. – Living in a Shadow

Bradeen, Marla – The Amicable Divorce

Byrne, Leigh Call Me Tuesday


Carter, ES – Nineteen

Chapman, Emma How to Be a Good Wife

Conley, Anne – Craze

Conley, Anne The Fixer Upper

Conley, Anne – Power of Love (Book B!thches, #1)

Conley, Anne Wire

Cope, Erica / Doughton, Autumn The Bright Effect


Day, Mira – Playing House

DeVisser, Hillary – Fishing Hole

Disney, Deborah Up and In

Donoghue, Emma – Room


Esch, Jodie Little White Lies (The Girlfriends, #1)


Ferry, Karen – Make Me Believe

Flynn, Beth – Nine Minutes, Out of Time, A Gift of Time

Foss, CM – City Beautiful

Foss, C.M. – Swoon


Gilboy, Peter Madeleine’s Kiss

Green, C. K. – Damaged

Griffin, Emily – Something Borrowed


Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train

Hawley, Samuel – Bad Elephant Far Stream

Hawley, Samuel – Homeowner With a Gun: A Thriller

Holden, Kim – Bright Side

Hoover, Colleen / Fisher, Tarryn Never Never Part One

Hoover, Colleen / Fisher, Tarryn Never Never Part Two

Hutchison, Sandra – The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire


James, Beth M. – Gitana: Life Plan

Jones, Jenny B. – In Between (Katie Parker Production)


Keanini, Julia – Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Lacey’s Story

Kennedy, Eliza – I Take You

Kepnes, Caroline You: A Novel

King, Seth – Honesty

Krimmer, Tracy Pieces of It All

Krossing, Karen – Punch Like a Girl


Lopez, Bethany 8 Weeks (Time for Love #1)

Lutz, Lisa – The Passenger

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