Book Reviews: Coming Soon

While I will read just about anything, I tend to lean toward fiction. Genres I read most often include: contemporary romance, young adult, new adult, suspense, psychological thrillers, and horror. Disgustingly flawed characters, quirky humor, and tearjerkers really draw me in. I love recommendations, so if thereโ€™s something you think I might like, please let me know by commenting below or via Goodreads.

Alexander, Hilaria – FU Cancer

Arlidge, M.J. – Liar Liar

Barnard, Rachel – At One’s Beast

Hiley, Matthew S. – Baseball Dads

Hoover, Colleen / Fisher, Tarryn – Never Never Part Three

Koontz, Dean – Ashley Bell

McCarthy, Cori – You Were Here

McCarthy, EllenThe Real Thing: Lessons on Love and Life From a Wedding Reporterโ€™s Notebook

Nelson, Colleen – Finding Hope

Schweigart, Bill – Northwoods

Silver, Amalie – Progress

Singleton, Linda JoyNever Been Texted

Smith, S. M.Forgiving the Past

Thomas, OwenThe Lion Trees

Zadunajsky, Donna M. – HELP ME! (HELP ME! #1)

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