Now Available: Coloring Under the Covers Vol. 1




At Beyond DEF and E-BookBuilders, we love books. We edit, design, ghostwrite, market, layout, and all things in-between. And don’t get us started on the books we read aside from the ones we see for work.
Tiffany Fox is the Redhead behind Beyond DEF; she’s the editor’s editor.
Deena Rae is the Amazon behind E-BookBuilders.
Between them, they have worked on some of the most amazing books on the shelves since 2010. They want to share their love of book covers with you in this coloring book.
Each two-page spread contains a cover for you to “design” as your own, as well as the book description and author information. We have included easy-to-navigate QR Codes to aid in purchasing the book or stalking the author.
Grab your fancy pencils and a glass of wine and prepare yourself to spend a relaxing time putting your artistic spin on some of the most beloved book covers on the market!


Our Mission

Our mission at the LifeAfter Project is to help others, plain and simple. We aim to support research and provide educational content designed to inspire and spread awareness for suicide prevention, substance abuse and domestic abuse throughout our nation and to all nations around the world.

National Suicide Prevention Line

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Hours are 24/7. Toll free – 800 -273-TALK (8255).



  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. 4th leading cause for adults 15 – 64
  • Each year 42,773 Americans die by suicide (Approximately 117 per day)
  • For each suicide, 25 others attempt it (Total of 1,069,325)
  • Suicide costs the US 44 Billion annually
  • Females attempt suicide 3 times more often than males
  • 90% of all who die of suicide have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death
  • 25 million Americans suffer from depression
  • Over half of the suicides in America stems from depression
  • More Americans suffer from depression than coronary heart disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS
  • Depression is among the most treatable of psychiatric illnesses. Between 80 – 90% of people with depression respond positively to treatment, and almost all patients gain some relief from their symptoms. However, first, depression has to be recognized.


Tiffany Fox is a graduate of Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelor of Science in sociology. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in publishing. Since 2012, she has dedicated her life to her passion for literature. Tiffany has focused her skills on creative marketing strategies to further help authors achieve their literary goals. In the last couple of years, she has pushed her horizons in publishing and event coordinating with several successful author events called Indie Mashup. Along with her passion for marketing, her obvious obsession for books has allowed Tiffany to become a pivotal reference expert in editorial publishing. Authors are guided in an extensive, hands-on approach as she edits their manuscript, molding it into a beautifully polished novel.
Deena Rae is the Digital Director of The Book Connection and owner of E-BookBuilders. With 20 years in the background of professional independent publishing, she took the plunge and decided to do it full-time in an effort to help move The Book Connection into the e-publishing arena. As a formatter who uses HTML, she has made E-Book Builders the company to depend on for difficult-to-format manuscripts and non-fiction. Even with a multitude of best-selling authors on her client list, she is more than prepared to take a new author and show them the process and answer any questions an aspiring author might have.
***ALL covers used with permission of the authors, publishers, AND cover designers.***

Release Day Blitz: “Fool For Love” (Believe #2) by Karen Ferry



Title: ”Fool For Love” (Believe #2)

Author: Karen Ferry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 27th April, 2016

Cover Design: Louisa Maggio of LM Creations

Teasers made by Phala Theng of Aaly and The Books 



What do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself turns out to be a lie, forcing you to re-evaluate your life?

Do you face them?

Or do you run?

My name is Suzy. I am the girl who has always believed in fairytales, unicorns, and that wishing upon a shooting star would make all my dreams come true.

I have always had faith that I would find my very own Prince Charming. I have always been certain that we all have a soul mate…that we will find our true love someday, and that we must never give up.

But not that long ago, I started to wonder…


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My Eating Disorder caused me to GAIN  18kg and nearly killed me… -The Reality of Normal Weight Eating Disorder Sufferers-

Lauren, you are one brave young lady. Thank you for sharing. XO


My Eating Disorder Caused Me to GAIN 18kg and Nearly Killed Me…
With #edaw in full swing, I’m sure your screens have been bombarded with posts that aim to raise awareness as to the deadly consequences of illnesses such as Anorexia Nervosa.

For the most part these status’ and blog posts are filled to the brim with phrases like “I nearly died”, “I was a walking skeleton” or “I had to be fed through a tube to save my life”…

Between the media, Internet and social platforms, we’ve basically got the whole “Anorexic Olympics” thing covered so let’s cut out the competition and get down to it!


The truth (Yep, the raw and unspoken truth) is that eating disorders actually have NOTHING to do with food! …Yep, you heard me right…

You see all those pictures of pretty, shy, skinny…

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Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors

David Gaughran

kuAmazon is an extremely innovative company – and usually quite responsive to self-publisher’s concerns – but sometimes it gets things very wrong too.

Today is one of those times.

I’ve received several reports from writers threatened with having books removed from sale, and heard even more worrying stories from others who had their titles actually removed from the Kindle Store without notice.

What were these authors guilty of? What crime did they commit for Amazon to adopt such heavy handed treatment? Something completely innocuous: the Table of Contents was at the rear of their books instead of at the front.

Yep, that’s it.

We’ll get to what might be the root cause of this crackdown in a moment, but Amazon is claiming that having a TOC in the end-matter instead of the front-matter is a breach of the (ever-changing, 100+ pages) Kindle Publishing Guidelines (PDF). Amazon says that rear TOCs result in…

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A Culture Addicted to FREE—How FREE is Poisoning the Internet & Killing the Creatives

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image used with permission from the creator Ira Gelb. Image “Not for Sale” used with permission from the creator Ira Gelb who’s an activist in stopping Human Trafficking but authorized this image for use outside.

It’s funny, at various junctures I’ve felt propelled to tackle certain topics, even when that made me very unpopular. My biggest leviathan to date has been this notion of artists being expected to work for free, and I believe the reason that this topic is weighing so heavily on me is that, for the first time in years I’m no longer enthusiastic about our future.

In fact, I’m downright frightened, because of THIS.

I Feel Sick

Yesterday morning on my Facebook, a friend shared this open letter to Oprah Winfrey from a local performer in the Bay Area, Revolva, whose act caught the attention of mega-icon Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was holding The Life You Want conference and the producers contacted Revolva to see if she…

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$8 Pitchers

A mixtape,

Forgotten in the tape deck of an old, traded-in car.

The label said $8 Pitchers.

I returned, explained, pleaded.

But when you trade something in,

Be prepared to lose it forever.

The songs still play.

In order.

In my head.

He was passionate.


He didn’t care what others thought.

He listened like no other.

I wanted to be those things too.

I wanted to let him in so he could show me how.

But I was afraid.

To be myself.

To be let down.

To reveal an entrance into my heart.

Those damn $8 pitchers.

That’s what compromised my armor.

Never once batting an eyelash,

He took me in.

His eyes penetrated my soul.

He understood my heartache,

My fears,


The mixtape took




And most of all,


Everything I wasn’t capable of giving.

Now, when I hear them:

“Einstein on the Beach”

“All I Want”



I think of him.

I think of the $8 pitchers and the courage I felt.

To be myself.

To let him in.

To give him a chance.

But eight dollars wasn’t enough.

Because the courage was fleeting.

And I let him go.

Just like a traded-in car,

With a mixtape still in the tape deck.

Spiderworld by Richard Bunning

Are you a lover of speculative fiction?
Looking for something different to read?


AIA Publishing has just released its fifth book, and in line with previous fiction titles, the book has a unique voice and a metaphysical bent. Spiderworld by Richard Bunning turns the tables on humans and spiders, and makes you think about humankind’s relationship with animals and with each other.

Not even the time-lord, Orlando Oversight, knows everything. But speculation can turn into a real future, and the Lush Star system, where spider-like beings treat humans as we do animals, isn’t such a distant dream away.

Do Jack Baker, the self-styled ‘Spartacus’, and his followers have a future as more than meat and slaves? Will Athalie have the life she hopes for with her hero? And will the ‘spider’ Boklung hold his business together while funding and organizing the Arcraft’s voyage across the Milky Way?

Spiderworld is another of Richard Bunning’s quirky, speculative, science fictions.

Is it any good?

Of course it is! It’s published by AIA Publishing, a selective publisher with high standards in quality control. It’s also Awesome Indies Approved and has been nominated for an Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence in fiction.

Will I like it?

Here’s what the Awesome Indies review says:

This is a unique read in so many ways, and I loved it. Eight-limbed “spiders” rule the Multiverse. Humans (yeng) are an enslaved species, and also provide delicious meat to the Aranians. This was a book that pulled me into its pages. If you love sci-fi, alien worlds, even a bit of romance, then you’re bound to love this book.

Where can I buy it?

Your local Kindle Store


Who is Richard?

Richard is a citizen of the United Kingdom and New Zealand, but currently resides in Switzerland. He has seven substantive books published, plus one gift-market book written with few words and many short stories appearing in a number of anthologies. His novels are all speculative science fiction while his short pieces cover many genres. He’s also written ‘modern’ English language versions of French neoclassical plays that spouted from some quite different region of his author personality.

Details on all Richard’s writing, including free stories and ‘bloggins’, plus his reviews of many other writers’ works, can be found at:

Children’s Books for Earth Day and Arbor Day


When I was a teacher, I loved discussing the importance of caring for the earth with students. One of the best times to schedule related units was during the month of April, which is when we celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day. This year, Earth Day falls on April 22, and Arbor Day is on April 24.

If you’re interested in sharing environment-related books with your children or grandchildren in honor of Earth Day or Arbor Day, these are some of my favorites.

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a symbolic story about the once beautiful land of the Truffula trees. These trees smelled of fresh butterfly milk and grew Truffula fruits and tufts softer than silk. The land was also filled with green grass, wet ponds and animals, such as brown Bar-ba-Loots, Humming Fish, Swomee Swans and the Lorax (who speaks for the trees). All was beautiful and harmonious in this land until the Once-ler showed up and started cutting down Truffula trees to make thneeds, unnecessary scarf-like objects that everyone wanted. The Lorax warned the Once-ler that he had to stop cutting down the trees, but the Once-ler didn’t listen, and eventually, all of the trees were gone. Without any Truffula trees, the land became desolate and polluted.

Discussion Questions: Why did the land become barren and polluted after all of the Truffula trees were gone? What valuable resources, stated or implied, were provided by the Truffula trees?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a touching story about the relationship between a boy and a tree. The tree loves the boy from beginning to end and gives him many gifts throughout his lifetime. As the boy grows, he selfishly wants more and more from the tree. The loving tree never stops giving until it is nothing more than a stump.

Discussion Question: What provisions did the tree provide the boy with throughout his lifetime?

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry features various animals who encounter a man with an axe. The invader intends to chop down the magnificent tree that they call home. Because all of the animals depend on the tree for their survival, they try to convince the man not to cut it down. One by one, the animals whisper why the tree is so important into the man’s ear while he naps. When the man awakens and finds himself surrounded by all of the creatures, he decides not to cut down the tree after all.

Discussion Question: What was each animal’s reason for wanting to save the tree?

Once There Was a Tree by Natalia Romanova tells the story of a tremendously old tree that is split in two by a lightning bolt. After a woodsman saws the broken tree down, various animals take turns using the remaining stump. At the end, a man walking in the woods sits down on the stump to rest. The author states, “The man thought he owned the forest—and the earth—so why not the tree stump?” She then goes on to explore this question: “Who really owns the tree stump?”

Discussion Question: How was the tree stump used by the various characters?

What else can you do to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day?

Forest Photo Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli on Flickr