Personal Tidbits

Happy 2015!

To ring in the New Year, my family started a new tradition. All of us (except for the 2-year-old, of course) shared a favorite memory from 2014 about each family member. To my surprise, my husband and 9-year-old son both said their favorite memory about me was when I published my first novel.

Here are my son’s exact words:


My favorite memory of mom was when she achieved her goal to finish Click Date Repeat.

Talk about warm fuzzies.😊 Something else I felt was pride, not because I finished the book, though. I felt pride because I realized that I have accomplished something much more important than publishing a book; I have shown my son that goals can be achieved through hard work and determination.

I wish you good health, happiness and the diligence to achieve your goals in 2015.

Personal Tidbits

Writing to Achieve Catharsis


As I write my second novel, there are no better words to describe how I feel.

It’s been a long time since I was a teenager, but some of the issues I struggled with back then are still tucked deep inside of me. While I am no longer plagued by low self-esteem and caring too much about what others think, I still find it difficult to grow close to people who did not know me during those formative teen years. This is why I created Katie Mills, the main character in Don’t Call Me Kit-Kat. She is my catharsis. By writing Katie’s story, I hope to release the small bits of teen angst that age and maturity haven’t helped me to shed. Her story is not exactly my own, but many of her thoughts and emotions mirror those of my teenage self.

What about you? What have you written to achieve catharsis?