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Author Press Kits are Key to Getting Media Coverage

This is essential information for self-published authors. Thank you Readers+Writers Journal!

readers+writers journal

Are You Missing an Essential Weapon in Your Book Promotion Arsenal?

How to create a press kit for self published authorsAny self published author promoting a novel, self-help or non fiction title knows that, after the work of writing, the real work comes when you’re marketing your book.  You are undoubtedly (or should be) contacting book blogs, professional reviewers, Amazon Top Reviewers and the traditional press in hopes of getting a mention or a review. Those bloggers are just as busy as you are, and if they have to hunt around for information about your book, they’re less likely to bother.

You Need to Create A Handy Press Kit That You Can Easily Send to Potential Contacts

Information about you and your book should be readily accessible so that any information a blogger, retailer, event planner or reporter needs is handy. Below are the 10 essential elements of any press kit (sometimes called media kit – they are the same…

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