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Centered, strong, and complete with a loving family and an irresistible boyfriend, Reagan Pierce has the epitome of the perfect life. But when her mother, Genevieve, is in a serious car accident and ends up in a life-threatening coma, Reagan’s world begins to crumble.

And one mysterious text message to her mother changes everything…

Upon reading a series of messages not meant for her eyes, Reagan realizes that someone is in love with her mother. And the last thing she wants is for her father to find out. Determined to uncover the story behind her mother’s elicit mystery man, Reagan begins to unravel the truth about her parents’ seemingly flawless marriage. But what she discovers could destroy everything she’s ever known.

If only her mother would wake up and fill in the missing pieces of a sordid story of infidelity, betrayal and true love…



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A Case of Serendipity is NOW AVAILABLE!

Could something more be brewing between these two and this coffeehouse case?

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Title: A Case of Serendipity
Author: K.J. Farnham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2018


Ruth Bateman is at her wit’s end. If Bucky’s Beans doesn’t stop spamming her phone with discount codes for frou-frou java concoctions, she’s going to flip. After multiple failed attempts to unsubscribe, Ruth takes to the company’s Facebook page to vent her frustration over the never-ending texts.

When attorney, Henry Mancuso, stumbles upon Ruth’s complaint, he has no idea that a simple Facebook scroll is going to change his life. Now, he has to get Ruth to agree to a class action lawsuit when she’s just looking for some peace on her mobile device—not a drawn-out case against a coffeehouse giant.

As Ruth and Henry battle the legal waters, a friendship full of fun and spontaneity blooms. But could something more bebrewing between these two and this coffeehouse case?



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K. J. Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults. Her books are character-driven and focus on realistic themes like love, relationships, self-doubt, and social issues. She tries to infuse humor into her writing when appropriate, because she believes laughter is crucial for navigating through rough patches in life.

Farnham is a former educator who grew up in the Milwaukee area and now lives in western Wisconsin with her husband and three children. When not keeping up with her kids, she can usually be found reading or writing. Coffee, acoustic music, beach outings, and road trips are among her favorite

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“From the first hilarious and disastrous date, I thought that this was going to be a lighthearted, humorous look at online dating, but what you get is so much more.”    – Books, Chocolate and Wine

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Title: Click. Date. Repeat. Again

Series: Click. Date. Repeat. Series

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: April 19th, 2017


Never in her wildest dreams would Jess Mason ever imagine herself being a part of the online dating hype. Yet here she is smack-dab in the middle of it all. And she’s dated her fair share of online crazies to be a new connoisseur of all the weirdos out in the cyber world. After a slew of bad dates and pussy (cat that is) pictures, Jess knows that she needs to finally commit to something—or someone. And suddenly there he is, a man she can actually imagine herself with.

But when Jess is faced with an undeniable attraction to a handsome, unavailable co-worker, she’s conflicted about continuing her quest for Mr. Right-At-Her-Fingertips. Now, it’s feast or famine—and she’s not willing to starve. She certainly can’t have both–that wouldn’t be right. After all, that’s the “old Jess.” The new Jess is ready to start clicking with someone special and make a real love connection.

**This book is a spinoff of Click Date Repeat, so it can be read as a standalone.**


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Book Reviews

Book Review: Fishing Hole by Hillary DeVisser


Newly divorced Jesse moves back to her hometown for a fresh start. However, with three sons in tow, romance isn’t a top priority for her. But life is full of surprises, so before you know it, she finds herself involved with two men from her past: her high school sweetheart and an old acquaintance. To make things even more complicated, she has to deal with her asshole ex-husband.

I liked Jesse’s independent nature, her subtle sense of humor, and the way she didn’t fall head-over-heels for either of the guys. I also liked the way she dealt with her ex, never allowing him to get the best of her and setting a good example for her kids. As for the men, I was satisfied with the development of her relationship with Levi, but I wish there had been more about the situation with Cole. In other words, I’m a fan of flawed characters and drama, so I wish Cole had played a bigger role. Regardless, this was a sweet contemporary romance with small town flair and several tastefully done sex scenes.

I’m curious about what DeVisser has in store for the next installment in the Coal Country series!




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Book Review: Up and In by Deborah Disney


Up and In offers a hilarious yet surprisingly thought-provoking look at the the pressure moms often feel to fit in with other moms.

The story, which shifts between present and past events, is told from Maria’s perspective. For several years, Maria has managed to successfully fit in with the hoity toity mothers of her daughter’s private school friends. Unfortunately, one false move puts her on the outs with the alpha female of the bunch, Bea. As a result, both Maria and her daughter, Kate, suffer the consequences.

At first I was skeptical that I’d be able to keep track of the large cast of characters, which consists of seven girls and seven sets of parents. However, Disney did a spectacular job of bringing each character to life with distinctive personality traits and quirks. I was actually surprised by how well I felt I knew most of these characters by the end. I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I could relate to Maria and her experiences as a mom, a wife, and an adult trying to fit in with other adults for the sake of her child.

I love Disney’s conversational tone and her style of humor. Some of the things these characters say and do and so many of Maria’s thoughts had me in stitches!

If you’ve ever tried to fit in with a group of parents you don’t exactly relate to and enjoy funny chick lit, I recommend you give this gem a read.



Book Reviews

Book Review: How to Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman


Funny how I acquired this book…My husband was shopping at Target one day and thought it would be hilarious to give me a book with such a title. Because clearly, I need tips on how to be a good wife. 😉 Well, it turns out this book couldn’t be further from funny or amusing.

On to my review…

Told from Marta’s POV, the story gets off to a very slow start. I also felt frustrated several chapters in because I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. I didn’t know if Marta was going crazy or if there was some sort of paranormal slant to the story. All of that being said, I am so glad I pushed on because How to Be a Good Wife is a superb psychological thriller that broke my heart in the end.

Chapman skillfully took her time to reveal bits and pieces of Marta’s condition. The suspense was subtle, which made me pay close attention to every little detail as I tried to piece together whether Marta was going crazy or not. At times, I even felt as though Marta and I were in it together trying to figure out what was happening to her.

While the story never moves quickly, I was still intrigued enough to keep reading. If you enjoy books that are littered with suspense throughout and don’t mind tragic endings, then I recommend How to Be a Good Wife.



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Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg

The Middle of Somewhere is the story of one woman’s quest to cleanse her guilt-ridden soul. How does she hope to do so? By hiking the John Muir Trail through Yosemite National Forest alone. However, Liz’s boyfriend Dante forces her to alter her plans (in more ways than one) when he decides to tag along.

This is one of those books that grows on you more and more with each passing chapter. Not that there was ever a point when I wasn’t interested. It was more about Liz. I didn’t like her much at first because of her steely demeanor towards Dante (who is one heck of a guy, by the way). But I kept reading because Yoerg did a masterful job of revealing the big picture bit, by bit, by bit. At first, I felt a tad let down when all of Liz’s secrets were revealed because they were such common mistakes. However, the more I thought about it, the more the point of the story resonated with me. It’s not about the mistakes. It’s about how holding onto things can prevent you from moving forward and how guilt can kill a person emotionally. I came to sympathize with and understand Liz as her tough exterior was slowly lifted.

“…there was no possibility of a clear conscience, merely the weak absolution of honesty, of confession. If only she had been raised Catholic–or within another religion that embraced the concept–she might find forgiveness and believe in it. But faith was not part of her fiber. She could not buy into the cycle of sin and penance, of death and resurrection. She would always remember what she had done, and it would always sting. She would not be washed clean.”

Besides Liz and Dante’s story, there’s a situation involving a couple of unsavory characters who are also hiking the trail. Events surrounding these characters seem unrealistic at times, but the storyline offers several good doses of suspense. It also made me realize how badly I wanted a happily-ever-after ending for Liz and Dante.




Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary copy via NetGalley.

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Doctor’s Daughter by Vanessa Matthews

The Doctor’s Daughter is a compelling read. At first, I thought it would focus largely on Marta’s dysfunctional relationship with her misogynistic father, renowned psychiatrist Arnold Rosenblit, but slowly came to realize that there was much more to this well-crafted story.

I was intrigued by Dr. Rosenblit’s studies:

“Tonight we shall examine the topic of gender. New research has come out of America that suggests one’s gender identity may not be an issue of biology alone, but psychology too. I am eager to establish my own study and measure the perception of gender against the imposition of societal norms.” He goes on to say, “…what if gender is little more than social phenomenon?” And, “What if our sexed bodies are not as essential to our construction of gender roles as we might believe?”

However, Rosenblit’s arrogance and disrespect towards Marta caused me to dislike him throughout most of the novel:

“You have a brilliant mind my daughter, of that I have no doubt. However, you are a disciple. You are not a leader. Women, even intelligent ones, are not destined to lead…Perhaps your ideas are early manifestations of mental illness. Have you ever wondered if you are not in your right mind? Delusions of grandeur; yes that’s what they call it, or I suppose it could be megalomania.”

Marta, on the other hand, is a character that I was pulling for throughout. She’s plain in comparison to her sisters who’ve all been married off (sort of the outcast of the family), but she also possesses the intelligence to be deemed useful to her father. However, Marta has other plans–aspirations beyond being her father’s lackey. She dreams of making a name for herself in the world of psychology.

Enter Dr. Leopold Kaposi (a colleague of Dr. Rosenblit) and Elise Saloman, an aspiring pediatrician. Kaposi recognizes Marta’s intelligence and entices her to work with him, unbeknownst to her father. This is where the story takes a suspenseful turn. Does Kaposi have Marta’s best interests in mind? Or does he have ulterior motives? With the help of Elise, whose interest in befriending Marta is unknown until near the end of the story, Marta is faced with several tragic and life-changing realizations.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Doctor’s Daughter and look forward to reading more from Matthews.




Thank you to Vanessa Matthews for providing me with a complimentary copy of this novel.